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Public Health Research Training Consultant, Uzbekistan

Location: Uzbekistan

Background: The USAID TB Control Program (USAID TBCP – the Program) is a five-year Program implementing by the Project HOPE in two countries of Central Asia – Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The purpose of the Program is to ensure more effective and more accessible tuberculosis (TB) diagnosis and treatment for all, including vulnerable populations, so to reduce the burden of TB and the development of drug-resistant TB in Central Asia. 

In April 2018, the USAID TB Control Program supported the NTP of Uzbekistan in establishment of the Center for Innovative Distance Training and Monitoring in Tashkent and its branch office in Bukhara. Three more branch offices will be established in Navoi, Kashkadarya and Khorezm provinces of Uzbekistan. The Program’s next task is to support a “School of Scientists”, where mid-career specialists of leading Uzbek TB facilities will be able to develop their skills in contemporary scientific analysis and research.

In order to support the quality of implemented activities the USAID TBCP is looking for highly qualified consultant(s) to develop and conduct a 2-week course for 10-12 participants working in a TB field on public health research theory and practices. The consultant(s) are also supposed to mentor the trained participants after an initial course through development of their research papers; and later to provide an additional one-week conclusive training/review of developed research materials.


·         To develop a 2-week training course on evidence-based research methods and practices in public health;
·         To conduct this course in Uzbekistan that will enable participants to design study protocols, collect data appropriately, choose appropriate basic statistical tests, critically read and understand a research paper, interpret the results of the study in an effective manner, discuss the basics of article publication and the reviewing process; 
·         To assist participants in developing their practical assignment: participants’ research activities will be tailored to the country context and target improvements at the programmatic level connected with the USAID-supported TB interventions in the country;
·         To provide continuous online mentoring for each participant that follows initial 2-week course;
·         To conduct a one-week conclusive training;
·         To review research materials developed by the training participants.

Deliverables: The following will be delivered upon completion of the assignment.

·         Developed materials for an initial and conclusive training course
·         Training report upon completion of an initial and conclusive course
·         Research plan for each participant of the initial course
·         Log of individual mentoring (on remote)
·         Final report on completed tasks, including a status of research papers developed by the training participants
·         Each participant has a research paper drafted at the end of the process and submitted to peer review

 Minimum Qualifications:
      ·    MD/MPH/PHD in medicine/public health/epidemiology

·    7-10 years demonstrated scientific experience in medicine/public health/epidemiology

·  Experience in designing and organizing training courses for medical professionals in epidemiological analysis and evidence-based research

·    Experience in mentoring researchers

·    Excellent attention to detail and record of producing high quality scientific products

·    Strong assessment, planning, management, facilitation, interpersonal, and communications skills

·    Experience in TB field is desirable

·    Familiarity with health system/TB control activities in Uzbekistan is desirable

·    Previous international experience working in lower- and middle-income countries is desirable

·    Fluency in written and spoken English and Russian is required

·   Experience with USAID and/or other international donors could be an advantage. 

Period of Performance:  The total proposed level of effort for this assignment is 48 days, including a field visit of 21 days.  The planned period for the assignment is August 2018 – March 2019.  

Location of Assignment:  Uzbekistan 

About Project HOPE: Project HOPE is a global not-for-profit organization that provides solutions to the world’s most pressing health crises through innovative global health and disaster/health crises programs. Project HOPE also publishes, Health Affairs, the nation’s leading journal of health policy thought and research.

Project HOPE’s mission is to enable health care workers to have the greatest positive impact on the health of the people they serve. Founded in 1958, Project HOPE continues to be a leader in global health development and emergency relief programs. An international nonprofit organization, we save lives and improve health, especially among women and children. We accomplish our mission by improving the knowledge, abilities and tools of the health workforce to deliver high quality health services to communities in need. With programs around the globe, we work at the epicenter of today’s greatest health challenges including infectious and chronic diseases, disasters and health crises, maternal, neonatal and child health and the policies that impact how health care is delivered.