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TB Control Consultant (Consultant), Global Health


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Dushanbe, 734003

TB Control Consultant

Assessment of TB Beds Network, Tajikistan


The overall goal of this assignment is to conduct assessment of TB beds network in Tajikistan and development TB bed rationalization plan within USAID pilots


USAID TB Control Program (USAID TBCP) is a five year Program implementing by the Project HOPE in two countries of Central Asia – Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The purpose of the Program is to ensure more effective and more accessible tuberculosis (TB) diagnosis and treatment for all, including vulnerable populations, so as to reduce the burden of TB and the development of drug-resistant TB in Central Asia.

According to the Strategic Plan of Rationalization of the Health Care Facilities Network of the Tajikistan for 2011-2020, it envisages that the number of oblast, rayon and rural hospitals will be reduced by 30% by 2020, whereas the number of primary health care facilities is envisaged to increase. Based on the above mentioned Strategic Plan, the TB beds network rationalization plan by 2015 was developed. Stage by stage reduction of TB beds enabled to reduce their number from 2630 to 1800 by the end of 2015.

Since the Government plans to uphold a stage by stage reduction of TB beds, it is crucial to undertake an assessment of the TB beds network in order to identify the needs and gaps in further reduction of TB beds, and how to make this process to ensure a more rational use of resources that become available in the result of TB beds reduction. The USAID TB Control Program is looking for an International Expert for providing technical support to MoH\NTP to find the best way in rationalization of TB beds in the country.

Objectives of Study

  • Conduct assessment of TB beds network in Tajikistan

  • Development TB bed rationalization plan

  • The assignment will contribute to the Objective 4 “Enhanced enabling environment promoting TB services that meet international standards”, activity 4.6.1 of the Program’s approved work-plan for Year 3.


The following tasks will be implemented:

  • Desk review of existing policies, strategies and technical documentation relevant to the field of scrutiny;

  • Work with the USAID TB Control Program key technical staff, meeting with the key national, international and public stakeholders on the subject of TB beds network optimization in the view of the current policy decisions;

  • Take part in the Thematic Working Group discussions;

  • Identifying advantages, opportunities challenges and gaps in the current strategy for optimization of TB beds network and justification of retaining the volume of financing to TB sector despite the reduction of bed space;

  • Analyzing financial, political, infrastructural and human resource impacts of the optimization of TB beds network to TB and PHC systems;

  • Development of the draft National TB bed network rationalization plan based on the local mission findings, incorporating a feasible action plan and assignment of responsibilities, preliminary recommendations according to identified gaps in the regulations and strategy plans to ensure smooth and uninterrupted transition to the suggested plan;

  • Presentation of the draft National TB beds network rationalization plan, developed by the consultant at Thematic Working group meeting, facilitate its review by stakeholders;

  • Based on the comments and recommendations of stakeholder, the international consultant will incorporate suggestions and feedbacks, revise the draft TB bed network rationalization plan and submit it to the Program, NTP and TWG for further consideration; ;

  • Finalization of the TB bed network rationalization Plan and, addressing comments\ questions raised at the TWG and other meetings;

  • Development of the mission report with comments/ recommendations and submitting it to the USAID TB Control Program’s Country Director.


The following will be delivered upon completion of the assignment:

  • Assessment report on TB beds network in Tajikistan

  • TB beds network rationalization plan and integration with PHC system within USAID pilots

  • STTA Report with details of the assignment and recommendations.


The consultant will report to the USAID TB Control Program Country Director Tajikistan. This SoW can be amended by USAID TB Control Program Country Director in coordination with Regional Technical Director and Contract/F&A/Operations Director.

The total proposed level of effort for this assignment is 15 days, including 7 day travel to Tajikistan.

Minimum Requirements

  • Master’s degree in public health;

  • At least five years of international experience in public health, lung health and TB;

  • Experience in development of health national strategies, health policy documents, especially related to lung diseases and TB (National TB protocols and programs);

  • Good technical skills in measurement and evaluation, including grasp of methodological and operational dimensions and the ability to link corporate and country level issues;

  • Excellent interpersonal, consultation, communication (both verbal and written), facilitation and presentation skills

  • Experience in planning and implementation of the health sector assessments;

  • Excellent knowledge of Russian and English language