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South Africa- Medical and Non-Medical Volunteers to Support SA HOPE Center NCD Clinic (Volunteer)
SouAfrica Johannesburg

Project HOPE is seeking both medical and non-medical volunteers in support of the HOPE Centre’s non-communicable disease clinic and program activities in South Africa.

History: Our long history in Africa – beginning in the mid-1960s with a visit of the SS HOPE to Guinea – demonstrates HOPE’s ability to address the evolving environment of health issues on the African continent. Currently, Project HOPE programs in Africa focus on the continuing AIDS pandemic and its devastating impact on families, Tuberculosis control, humanitarian assistance and the growing need for chronic disease education and prevention.

In early 2008, Project HOPE used the successful experiences of an Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) project in Mozambique to launch a pilot Village Savings Fund (VSF) project in the informal settlement of Munsieville, West Rand, in partnership with The Haven (a local NGO). The program built the capacity of over 300 caregivers of vulnerable children providing them with a mechanism to save and receive loans to start up small businesses. In addition, comprehensive health education was also provided as part of the program. This program was successfully handed over to be run by the community and is continuing to run to this day.

Chronic Disease Program Background: Diabetes was once an unusual disease in sub-Saharan Africa, but current estimates suggest that more than 14 million people have the disease and only 15 percent of those have been properly diagnosed. In 2011, Project HOPE launched its new signature program in South Africa – The HOPE Centre. This project, in partnership with local NGOs, government and academic stakeholders, focuses on educating local communities about Chronic Diseases, provide clinical services for the treatment and management of the diseases and support through peer group education. More information about the project can be found on the program’s blog at

Mission: Project HOPE is looking to deploy various skill sets to The HOPE Centre program to support this ongoing initiative.

Location: Field-based assignment in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Needs and Requirements: Project HOPE is looking for the following volunteers:

1) Diabetes Technical Expertise

Ø Scope of Work: To assist with the technical aspects of the HOPE Centre clinic, focusing on diabetes training, educational methods, data collection and analysis; assisting with setting up and managing clinic policies and procedures, such as managing patient records system, referral and results follow-up, patient flow, and infection control

Ø Skill Type: Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, or Registered Nurse

2) Nutrition Support

Ø Scope of Work: Evaluating the HOPE Centre’s nutrition program and providing consultation and training/educational opportunities; building and tailoring a nutritional peer support training curriculum to the needs of the local community; support peer group efforts with monitoring and evaluation of the interventions given

Ø Skill Type: Nutritionist, Dietician, or Registered Nurse

3) Volunteer Manager

Ø Scope of Work: Formalize processes and procedures for managing local and international volunteers coming to the program; develop an SOP manual for recruiting, screening, applying, and supervision of local volunteers as well as orienting, receiving, and integrating international volunteers arriving into Johannesburg

Ø Skill Type: MPH or other graduate level student interested in a short-term project with a background/experience/interest in Human Resources, personnel management, and leadership

4) Information Technology Support

Ø Scope of Work: Assist the clinic with the collection and management of healthcare data; writing requirements and SOPs for information storage; build or assist with database design

Ø Skill Type: IT background or graduate-level student with focus/experience in IT and databases; strong organizational abilities

5) Marketing and Social Media Support

Ø Scope of Work: Assist the clinic with ongoing external media messaging and communications support using social media; help with local marketing campaigns; work to develop stories and photo blogs to be distributed to Headquarters and other external stakeholders

Ø Skill Type: MBA student or other graduate level student with interest and experience in IT, social media, marketing and strategic messaging to key stakeholders

6) Funded Global Health Volunteer Service Corps Program: We are also accepting applications for volunteers interested in volunteering for longer periods (6 months or longer) to provide continuity in volunteer operations over the course of the deployment; to work in technical areas within the program; to assist the program with identifying new opportunities for growth and development; to help measure impacts and effectiveness; and to act as the lead agent for managing and overseeing volunteer team deployments throughout the year. This volunteer should have a healthcare background with non-communicable disease experience with a focus in public health. If interested in this opportunity, please go to the Global Health Volunteer Service Corps link and apply for South Africa!

Additional Information:

1) No language proficiency required.

2) Screening process and credentialing will vary for each required position; however, all applicants must have the required licensure or proof of diplomas/certifications that match the skill type requested. The applicant should possess the requisite skills needed for, and agree to work within, the goals, objectives and structure of the program.

3) Agree to deploy for a minimum of 3 weeks

4) Able to pass a basic health exam (must be in good health, mentally and physically fit, highly ambulatory) and possess the recommended vaccinations

5) No record of outstanding malpractice or criminal record – we do perform background checks on all volunteers selected to participate

6) Culturally sensitive, mature, creative, flexible, resilient, hard-working, a good communicator, and good team player with people skills

7) All positions will have an immediate supervisor and will ultimately report to the Project HOPE Country Director, Ms. Julie Brink.

Visa Requirement: No (will receive a free tourist visa for 90 days at airport on arrival)

Malaria Prophylaxis Requirement: No

Vaccine Recommendations: MMR, DPT, Polio, Hep A, Hep B, and Typhoid


1) The volunteer must cover the cost of airfare, which is approximately $1,500 USD. There is no visa requirement for volunteers staying less than 90 days. Longer than 3 months will require a visitor’s visa from the Embassy of South Africa.

2) The HOPE Centre project will assist to coordinate all logistics at a cost of approximately $50 USD/day. This includes lodging and 3/meals per day.

3) Airport transfers will be provided at no cost to the volunteer.

4) Project HOPE will conduct a background check on each volunteer. We will also provide each selected volunteer with a uniform set (shirts, hat, and name tag).

5) Project HOPE will provide medical malpractice insurance, worker’s compensation, and medical evacuation insurance. It is recommended the volunteer provide their own traveler’s insurance.

Application Deadline: Continuous

*Please allow a minimum of two weeks for headquarters to review your application.  Send questions to